Paper “RDBMS Forensics – Troubleshooting Using ASH”

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Create Date April 17, 2016
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Arthur C. Clarke wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and it sometimes makes troubleshooting seem like magic, or perhaps art. But it is neither magic nor art; it is process and this presentation uses a case study, such as resolving the ORA-03136 "connection lost" error, to demonstrate that process and to show how components such as ASH, typically thought of as performance tuning tools for DBAs, are also useful diagnostic tools for everyone, particularly developers.  Readers will learn a forensic, empirical approach to troubleshooting and see a demonstration of a complex troubleshooting task resulting in a non-intuitive but empirically sound resolution.  This presentation should make you think of Active Session History as something like queryable trace information captured and stored within the database.

This is the white paper to accompany the presentation slidedeck of the same title.