1. Presentation “Fastest UPDATE Is An INSERT“, recorded at Oak Table World 2012 at the Children’s Creativity Museum in Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, CA on 01-Oct 2012.  This was the very first presentation at the first-ever “Oak Table World” (OTW) event.
  2. An interview by Janice D’Aloia at the ODTUG KScope14 conference in Seattle WA, recorded on 23-Jun 2014.
  3. A joint interview and webinar with Kyle Hailey on the value of data virtualization for day-to-day activities by Oracle DBAs, recorded on 29-Jul 2014.
  4. Two-minute Tech Tip (#2MTT) video with Bob Rhubart (@OTNArchBeat) of the Oracle Technology Network with a tip on how data virtualization accelerates development and testing, enabling Agile development, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery, recorded prior to ODTUG KScope15 on 03-April 2015.
  5. A joint webinar with Mike Swing of TruTek and Kyle Hailey of Delphix on “Avoiding The Pitfalls Of An Oracle E-Business Suites Upgrade Project” about how data virtualization can reduce risk and accelerate completion of EBS upgrades, recorded on 07-Apr 2016

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