Presentation “Scaling To Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses On Oracle Database”

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Create Date April 17, 2016
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Star schemas (a.k.a. dimensional data models) are demanded by BI analysts in data marts and data warehouses.  Star transformations are the optimal join method to access star schemas in Oracle.  Bitmap indexes are required by the star transformation process, but bitmap indexes quickly become literally infeasible without partitioning.  Why isn't this documented?  How do all these crucial pieces fit together?  Find out what major features of Oracle Database are enabled by partitioning, as well as how and why.  This presentation is the result of long practical experience in logical and physical database design for data warehouses, driven by the combination of business requirements and systems requirements and painfully gained understanding of data warehousing realities.  It provides straight answers to help you utilize Oracle Database features to ensure data warehousing success.

The original presentation in the "Scaling To Infinity" series which describes how table partitioning is the key to scaling an Oracle database to support a data warehouse to the limits of the underlying hardware.

This is the presentation slidedeck to accompany the white paper of the same title.